General Property Management


General Property Management

Is there money in garbage?

Several of our property management clients would answer an emphatic “Yes!” to that question.

We’ve taken charge of several properties and found that by reconfiguring the way their garbage is collected, we were able to save them around $20k annually. Over the years, we’ve had several clients hire us to manage, and in some cases, turn around their property management. 

It’s small things like this that make Azose the go-to company for general property management in the Puget Sound area. We’ve been managing property for well over 40 years and intimately know the market inside and out. If you have an under-performing property, there’s a good chance we can turn it around.

Knowing the local real estate market is our business. When things go wrong, you need someone with decades of experience who knows exactly what to do when, where, and how.


Executive Summary

  • Helped landlords reconfigure garbage for annual savings of $20k.
  • Took on management of properties with major structural damage.
  • We’ve helped properties find viable solutions for parking issues.
  • We’ve dealt with bad and poor tenants and act as a buffer between them and the property owners.
  • The advice we provide is not just in expense reduction but bringing up the overall value of your property over time.

The Challenge

One of the biggest property management challenges we faced was a shopping complex whose roof collapsed over a holiday weekend.

The property was over an hour’s drive from where we were located, and the property tenants were in limbo – they could not open their shops for business which were left exposed to the elements due to the gaping hole in the roof

The Solution

Due to the holiday weekend, we realized that this was an emergency that would require immediate attention.

Several of the principles of our firm left our family events and headed into the office to help coordinate and do what we could to triage the situation.

We helped coordinate the evacuation of tenants and found several contractors willing to come in on a holiday weekend and stabilize the building from any further damage. We also implemented security measures which prevented the tenant’s stores from being broken into.

Finally, we coordinated with a contractor to ensure that the building was structurally sound and took measures to get the repairs immediately underway.  

The Results

Our rapid response helped protect both the building and the tenants. By the following Monday we had our people on the scene to clean up the mess and help expedite repairs.

The tenants were able to remain open for business while the repairs were being conducted.

The building was saved from further damage which would have exponentially increased the cost of repairs.

In the end, all tenants remained on the lease, and the overall damage and costs were mitigated.

About Azose Property Management:

Since 1976, Azose Property Management has been involved in property management in the Puget Sound area. We’ve helped countless property owners manage, turn around, and increase the value of their properties with our decades of experience. Contact us today to learn more about our property management services.

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