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Self-Storage Management Leader

Struggling to Increase Occupancy Rates? Need Help Managing and Growing?

At Azose Commercial Properties, Inc. we’ve been helping self-storage owners manage, grow, and expand their businesses since 1976. With over 40 years of experience, our wealth of knowledge and experience can take your self-storage business to the next level.


We work with large and small clients – from family businesses to national firms with multiple self-storage units. We offer individualized management plans that are specifically tailored to help your business meet your needs. Our bespoke services allow us to intimately get to know and help your self-storage business grow.

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Benefits of Working with Azose Commercial Properties, Inc.

Self-Managed Smaller Companies

If you’re struggling to increase occupancy rates or are unsure how to grow, we can help you succeed. We’ve helped countless companies achieve growth with our proven management methods.

Large Multi-Location Businesses

We offer an individualized management plans specific to the needs of your business. Our experienced team can work seamlessly with your existing systems and processes to generate results.

Technology & Marketing

We use proven marketing and technology systems to increase efficiencies and drive new business. Our decades of self-storage marketing help us choose the right tools that drive growth.

Customized Management Plans

We take the time to look at your business, identify what is and isn’t working. We know the industry inside and out and will custom-tailor a plan that will serve the needs of your business.

Established Brand

If you’re looking for a turn-key solution, you may qualify to integrate your facility with our Storage Court brand. In addition to branding benefits, Storage Court includes company-wide and targeted marketing efforts including online and print advertising, and more.

Leverage established systems

Our goal is to work with your existing systems and employees. Self-storage management is a people business. We recognize the value that existing employees bring to the table. We're willing to work with, and if necessary re-train, your existing team.

40 years of managing self-storage units in the Puget Sound region enables us to not only manage but grow your business as well. Azose Commercial Properties, Inc. can help take your business to the next level and beyond.

We manage both large and small self-storage units. We can help you save money, become more efficient, and ultimately achieve growth. Click here to learn more about our turn-key Storage Court brand or contact us for more information.

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