Investment Partnerships

“A partnership is like a marriage. You want to make sure you have good partners.”
- Morris “Morrie” Piha

Morrie Piha started Azose Commercial Properties, Inc. in 1965 with the philosophy that if you want to add value to a piece of property, the first step is to own it. We continue that strong tradition to this day with select, strategic investment partnerships.

When we put together an investment group, we're highly selective. We’re on the lookout for great real estate opportunities and great partners. We identify properties that hold promise, perform all due diligence, and make an offer. We selectively bring in qualified investors to own a piece of that property with us. In every deal that we put together, our partners have the confidence of knowing that we have our own money invested as well.

Benefits of Investing with Azose Commercial Properties, Inc.

High Quality Real Estate

Our investors gain an ownership stake in high quality, professionally-managed properties, without having to put up millions of dollars. They own a piece of a multimillion dollar commercial real estate for a fraction of that cost.

Great Reputation

Our investment partners are confident, knowing that our deals are backed by a company with a stellar 50+ years reputation in the Puget Sound area.

Smaller Buy-In

Since our investment partnerships offer the opportunity for smaller buy-ins, they're great for new investors who are just starting out and are looking for commercial real estate opportunities.

Your Money and Our money

Since we invest our own funds in every single deal we put together, we have just as much of a stake in it as our partners do.

Established Local Experts

We’ve been successfully investing in Puget Sound real estate since 1965, and have mastered the art of buying, investing, and managing commercial real estate in this unique region.

Joint Ventures

Are you building something special? We sometimes joint-venture with select partners when we believe we can add value by bringing experience and hands-on management.

Since 1965, Azose Commercial Properties, Inc. has been at the forefront of the Puget Sound, Seattle, and Tacoma commercial real estate market. Our local expertise is unrivaled and backed up by our decades of experience.

If you’d like to learn more about our investment partnership opportunities, call or contact us. We’re always on the hunt for great investment deals and long-term beneficial joint-venture partnerships.

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