Family Property Holdings

Family Property Holdings

Azose Property Management specializes in managing family property holdings. We have helped countless families manage their properties while increasing the overall value of the portfolio. With over 40 years of experience, we’ve become the local experts and have turned around many around poor-performing properties.

We go the extra mile when working with our clients. We’ve helped reconstruct over eight years of poorly managed financials while simultaneously figuring out which properties were draining cash flow and then working to fix or sell the under-performing properties.

Executive Summary

  • Azose has over 40 years of managing family property holdings.
  • Our experience enables us to solve any problems and meet challenges head-on.
  • We can help families and siblings that may not be getting along come to an agreed-upon resolution that benefits all parties.
  • When managing a portfolio with multiple properties, we try to turn around the ones that are under-performing.
  • The end benefit to our clients is having all their properties under one property management group.


Working to help secure and improve family property holdings can be fraught with challenges that require unique solutions.

We had a client who owned ten properties – but neglected to manage the financials over the course of 8 years.

We spent four weekends of our own time digging through dozens of boxes of receipts and paperwork to reconstruct where they were cash flow wise.

In another case, a client came to us in desperation. They owned an apartment complex where the rent was priced way below market.  When they tried to raise the rent, several tenants started to bully the owners. Azose stepped in as the buffer between the owner and the badly behaving tenants and got the situation under control.


The Solutions

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to family property holdings. In several situations, siblings can be at odds because despite being related – everyone has different wants and needs.

We try to work with each stakeholder individually, then work to find a common solution that everyone will agree upon.

Ultimately, we try to put the best interests of the portfolio first. When it comes to portfolios that have multiple properties, we look for ways to improve under-performing properties and improve the overall financial health.

We also have the unique ability to manage portfolios that contain different property types. We have decades of experience managing industrial, retail, offices, and apartment properties for our clients. This will enable you to have your entire portfolio under one management group – which will make life a lot easier.

The Results

Our proven method of property management has resulted in many of our clients finally getting to a point where they had a profitable portfolio.

Our most significant success was when we took a family property portfolio and grew it from 20 million to 70 million in only 15 short years.

Several of our clients have been with us throughout several generations – from grandparents to parents, to the children.

We’ve also worked with families that didn’t quite get along so well. We’ve acted as mediator and come up with creative solutions that benefitted all family members - all the while preserving the real estate assets.

Whether you’re looking for a property management company that intrinsically understands the Seattle market, or you’re planning on stepping back from day-to-day management, Azose Property Management can help your family manage and grow your portfolio.

About Azose Property Management:

Since 1976, Azose Property Management has been involved in family property management. Over the decades we’ve helped countless families increase the value of their portfolio. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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