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It has been almost 50 years since Morris Piha first opened his doors as Morris Piha Company in 1965 to provide commercial real estate services in the Seattle area.

In 1977 David Azose joined Morrie’s company and soon became the head of all property management services for the company.  In 1984, David and Morrie became equal partners and the company continued to grow to one of the largest fee management companies in the Pacific Northwest.

During those growing years the company changed it’s name to Morris Piha Management Group and then Morris Piha Real Estate Services to recognize the breadth of services the company was providing, including management, brokerage, investment and maintenance.

Morrie passed away in 2013 and David purchased the balance of the company.  To better reflect the ownership transition David changed the name to Azose Commercial Properties.

Throughout the 50 years we are grateful to our clients and industry friends whom we know have also contributed much to our ongoing success.  Thank you for your part in our story.